Two Peas in a GOP Pod

America, meet Bob White – Mitt Romney’s Valerie Jarrett. Schwartz Fellow Noam Scheiber introduces us to Romney’s influential adviser, an ex-Bain Capital partner and longtime friend, in the June issue of The New Republic.
Like Jarrett and President Obama, White’s personality and experience complements Romney’s. The GOP presidential candidate is criticized for his stoicism, opacity and golden spoon; White can schmooze with a wall,and, as the first in his family to attend college, he’s the ultimate self-made man.
“…Bob’s the kind of guy who could be urinating on your shoes while talking to you, and you’d thank him afterward,” said Ben Coes, a former Romney campaign manager, of White.
Why should we care about Romney’s 56-year-old pal?
Because of what Romney’s choice of confidante reveals about his personality and, ultimately, his legislative priorities. Scheiber explains:
Though Romney’s record reveals flashes of compassion, as president he is unlikely to brood about income inequality or any of capitalism’s hard edges. If one can extrapolate from Bob White, Romney believes such disparities and dislocation are the flip side of a vibrant economy—that capitalism works remarkably well the way it is.

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