The Real Reason Romney's Weak on Foreign Policy

In The Daily Beast today, Senior Fellow Peter Beinart argues that Mitt Romney’s apparent weakness on foreign policy ( at least according to his foreign policy team) isn’t entirely his fault: It’s a consequence of the GOP’s flawed foreign policy foundation:
“Supporting an aggressive U.S. military posture is today almost as central to Republican foreign policy as cutting taxes, spending, and regulation is to Republican domestic policy. And yet that posture has never been more at odds with the existing limitations on American power. As much as many GOP foreign-policy hands want to accuse Barack Obama of surrendering in Iraq and Afghanistan fewer and fewer Americans see those wars as anything but a waste. As much as prominent Republican foreign-policy hands urge bombing Iran, the leadership of the U.S. military appears deeply opposed. And with the federal government facing increasingly savage budgetary tradeoffs, the Republican insistence on ever-higher defense spending looks increasingly delusional.”

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Mitt Romney photo via Shutterstock.